Services Overview

MPV delivers veterinary care to cats and dogs in the Cherry Creek and Denver metro area. Our mission is to provide the most personalized and comprehensive mobile care possible for your pets, in the least stressful way. We strive to keep your pets at ease, whether we are examining them in your home or treating them in our full-service mobile clinic, just outside your door. Our services include:

Comprehensive Physical Examinations

MPV is more than a veterinary house-call service. We provide preventative care, second opinion, and sick visit exams for pets. Dr. Berger will conduct a comprehensive physical examination prior to recommending any diagnostics or treatments for your pet. Exams may take place in the mobile unit or your home, wherever your pet is most comfortable. Diagnostic and care is conducted in the mobile clinic, just outside your door.


Vaccinating your pet is vital to their health as well as our health. Dr. Berger will discuss and recommend vaccines appropriate for your pet at the time of exam.

Parasite Prevention Programs

Both internal and external parasites can negatively impact your pet’s health. Providing a sound diagnostic and preventative program for your pet is imperative to their overall well-being.

Prescriptions, Medications, and Supplements

MPV has an on-board pharmacy stocked with the most current medications and supplements. If there is something specific your pet requires that Mobile Pet Vet does not carry, we will order it for you.

Blood Analysis

MPV is equipped with Abaxis blood machines enabling us to run your pet’s bloodwork on-site and provide you with immediate results at the time of exam. MPV is also affiliated with a send-out laboratory so that, when indicated, your pet’s specimens can be sent off for specialized testing or review by a specialist.


MPV has an on-board digital microscope allowing for immediate analysis of tissue and fluid samples. This helps guide us in the most appropriate treatment for your pet’s condition.

Digital Radiography

The mobile unit is equipped with the newest whole body and hand-held radiography equipment in the medical market. This means we can take and instantly develop X-rays of your pet during the appointment. If needed, we can email any image to a board certified radiologist – or other specialist – for interpretation using veterinary telemedicine.

Class IV Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is a cutting edge, non-invasive way to treat both acute and chronic disease. From skin wounds to bladder infections to arthritis, your pet can experience non-invasive management of their pain.

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General Surgery and Dentistry

MPV is equipped to provide routine surgical procedures on your pet. There is a separate surgery suite for sterile procedures and a wet sink in the main treatment area where dental surgeries are performed. MPV uses the highest technology available to provide safe anesthesia and anesthetic monitoring.

Specialty Services

If your pet requires an abdominal ultrasound or an echocardiogram, MPV has teamed up with two of Colorado’s leading veterinary imaging specialists – Diagnostic Imagining and Colorado Veterinary Cardiology– to provide these concierge specialist services in the comfort of your own home.

Digital radiographs taken on the mobile unit can be emailed to a specialist for interpretation using telemedicine.

Euthanasia Services

End of life decision making can be extremely difficult. Whether you have questions about how to make the best decision for your beloved pet or how the process of humane euthanasia works, MPV is here to help provide end of life care in a gentle, caring, and pain-free way.


Microchipping your pet is a great way to ensure they return safely to you if they ever get lost. The process of microchipping can be done during a routine visit or when your pet is with us for surgery. MPV is proud to be using a revolutionary new microchip called “Save This Life.” http://www.savethislife.com. With this microchip system, you can use Google® to help locate your lost pet.